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Finally, Tubular Vibratory Conveyors are simple, cost-effective and offer clean and gentle material handling. Even more, these conveyors from Gough Econ have no moving parts; only contra-rotating motors, making this simple unit both user-friendly and environmentally safe. Because of their simple design, installation costs for their vibratory conveyors are minimized.

Simplicitytubular vibratory conveyors

  • No moving parts – only contra-rotating motors.
  • Also, the simple design makes this unit environmentally safe and user friendly.

Gentle & Clean Handling System

  • Product is contained within the tube to eliminate dusting or spillage.
  • Certainly, low vibration ensures product integrity during transfer.

Minimal Space Requirements

  • Unit can be mounted overhead to conserve floor space.
  • Also, units can be mounted on an incline or decline dependent upon product density and flow characteristics.

Cost Effective Conveying Solution

  • Motors consume very low power for operation.
  • Even more, installation costs are kept to a minimum due to the simple design.


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