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From their facility in Charlotte, NC, USA, Gough Econ designs and manufactures material handling equipment and systems. They install these systems in countries around the globe. Many of their international customers confidently standardize on Gough Econ products across all boundaries. his is  due to the proven designs and reliability. Finallly, they have the latest technology and ease of communication.  So they’re prepared and eager to offer their extensive experience and expertise to you.  They want to help you solve your material handling challenges.

Gough Econ offers state-of-the-art equipment systems for production efficiency in all industries. These include everything from salt handling to live ammunition.  Their comprehensive bulk material handling equipment improves and adds value to every step of your production process.  In turn, this increases efficiency and profitability.

Gough Econ’s broad spectrum of product solutions include simple belt and continuous vertical conveyors. Also, they have vibratory products and complex bucket conveyors. Even more, they ensure the safe handling of your product throughout every step of the production process.

Finally, Gough Econ offers a range of food process material handling equipment. These are custom designed to help your company succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Furthermore, their sanitary designs, with ease of access for cleaning, will help you achieve SQF and other food safety protocols.



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