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Hygienic, light-duty, totally enclosed, dust-free tubular chain drag conveyors. Certainly, they economically convey dry, hot or cold, powders and granules. Also, they often convey particularly fragile materials such as cereals, nuts, coffee beans. And also food ingredients, pet food, animal feed, and a wide variety of chemicals and plastics. Furthermore processors can easily convey or batch ingredients with great flexibility in layout options. Finally they successfully convey any number of non-cohesive dry powders and granules.


  • Heavy-duty conveying of high loads 24/7/365
  • Maximum layout versatility with multiple inlets, multiple outlets, and complex 3-plane circuits
  • Minimize material breakage and maintain consistent mixtures with gentle handling
  • Maintain dust and contamination-free handling via the totally enclosed conveyor design
  • Maximize chain, disc and tube life and minimize operator maintenance with built-in automatic chain tensioning


Structural mechanical drag chain conveyors operate within the confines of a pipe. Also, in this conveyor, discs connected by articulated metal links (chains) move material within the pipe making it ideal for ultra-heavy-duty applications. Also the discs are made from a variety of materials including steel and cast iron. Certainly these drag chain conveyors are suitable for applications with temperatures up to 420°F/216°C.


  • Ultra-heavy-duty conveying
  • Gentle handling of fragile materials
  • Maintain blends
  • Totally enclosed for dust and contamination-free handling
  • Layout versatility with 3 plane circuits
  • Multiple inlets and multiple outlets
  • Conveying capacities up to 10 ft3/min. / 0.28 m3/min.
  • Convey straight-line lengths of up to 200 ft. / 60m per conveyor and link multiple conveyors for longer distances
  • Low energy consumption

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