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Cableflow Tubular Cable Drag Conveyors are a further development of their best in class Aeroflow aero mechanical conveyors. Most noteworthy, they operate with reduced clearances and at reduced running speeds. Also, Cableflow conveyors are designed for gentle material handling and for conveying in multiple planes. Furthermore, they provide complete material batch transfer of bulk products. Certainly this covers from single or multiple in-feed points to single or multiple discharge points. All this is done with little or no damage.

Cableflow conveyors are offered with Spiroflow’s optional Dynamic Automatic Cable Tensioning system. Also this patented cable tensioning system maximizes cable life and minimizes maintenance. Certainly this is a key advantage over other cable driven conveyors in the industry.

Finally, Cable discs are manufactured from USDA accepted polyurethane and are suitable for temperatures up to 176°F/ 80°C.



  • First of all, minimize waste with gentle handling of fragile materials and maintain blends.
  • Optimize use of plant ‘real estate’ with layout versatility – complex 3 plane circuits, mobile designs.
  • Also, maximize processing efficiency with multiple inlets and multiple outlets of dry, moist or wet materials.
  • Maintain plant safety and cleanliness with dust-free, contamination-free, totally enclosed conveying.
  • Finally, maximize ROI with fast, efficient conveying capacities up to 11 ft3/min/ .31m3/min, low energy consumption, long cable life. Also, 24/7/365 reliability without filters or cyclones.

tubular cable drag conveyors