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Spiroflow is a global leader in powder handling and dry solids processing. Also, it is an emerging leader in control systems integration. First of all, throughout their 45-year history, Spiroflow design engineers provided customers with the safest answers. Furthermore, they find the most efficient, innovative and most reliable process solutions available.

An early inventor of the flexible screw conveyor, Spiroflow grew significantly in those early days. And their products and service offerings have grown as well. Spiroflow delivers engineered solutions designed to solve your greatest handling and processing challenges. Also, whether it is a single conveyor or a complete powder handling system with integrated controls, they excel.

Spiroflow offers the widest range of mechanical conveyors for dry bulk solids and ingredients. Furthermore, their engineers evaluate your needs objectively so you receive the ideal conveyor for your application.

They have an expansive line of Spirofil® bulk bag fillers, bulk bag unloaders.  And they provide control systems, bulk bag conditioners, custom designed hoppers. Finally, they know bin activators, and bin, bag, box and drum emptiers.

Commitment, Quality, Reliability and Service

Spiroflow conveying and weighing systems are operational worldwide. Also, they are acclaimed for their outstanding versatility and prolonged working life in the most demanding environments. In food, chemicals, plastics, building materials, and minerals, Spiroflow provides the answer to every conceivable handling need.

The leading design principles behind all Spiroflow equipment are dust-free handling and hygienic operation. Therefore, their range includes not only the latest automatic conveying system but also fully compatible weighing equipment. Also, for a wide variety of applications, from batch processing of ingredients to the filling and controlled emptying of FIBCs or bags. Behind all Spiroflow products are impressive design, manufacturing, testing, and installation facilities. Finally, they are backed up by a rapid spares and service network.

Spiroflow’s high standards are sustained by an on-going development program utilizing CAD design facilities and material testing procedures. Their conveying and weighing systems are designed with a minimum of working parts for maximum reliability in operation. Simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain, their robust construction ensures a long working life with minimum downtime.

Control System Integration

Spiroflow Automation specializes in control system integration, specifically several different areas of industrial control. These include PLC and motion control, press control, and process automation. From stand-alone machine control to full multi-controller networks, Spiroflow Automation provides innovative and cost-effective solutions.

They offer their customers technically advanced, customized solutions, backed by years of industry experience. Because of extensive knowledge of manufacturing procedures they develop plans of action compliant with the most current guidelines and regulations. Their team identifies problems within your manufacturing scenario. They solve them with innovative design and leading-edge engineering, along with outstanding technical service.

The company puts customer’s needs and specifications first. They then  develop a proposal for your review. Upon your acceptance, they begin the detailed and design engineering phase of the project. This includes schematics, layouts, device lists, PLC programming, and HMI screens. Once that is complete, they proceed to the design and build phase. They construct the control panel. The panel is tested at their facility and shipped to the field to be  installed and commissioned with your system. Certainly, they are the life cycle support of your system.

As a full-service industrial control, networking, and automation provider, Spiroflow makes your manufacturing process work smarter and more efficiently


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