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Lee Process Equipment Products And Bulk Bagging EquipmentBulk Bagging Equipment Designed For Your Needs

Get the right equipment from us, for all types of Bulk Bag Fillers & Drum Fillers for your application.  Hence, you can rely on Lee Process equipment for bulk ingredient filling solutions to always be designed for your exact processing needs.

Our comprehensive product range includes solutions for the most advanced  applications. We ensure you meet the growing demands of processors. In addition, we understand that most processors need more than a single piece of equipment.  Furthermore, we have years of experience putting all the components together. Accordingly, we seamlessly integrate them into your existing plant.

Lee Process Equipment, Inc. is a full-service Representative and Consulting Agency.  Conveniently, we cover the entire states of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.  And Lee Process Equipment has been involved in successful projects for the food, chemical, recycling, plastics markets.  Additional projects were in  agriculture, precious metals, mining, and building products markets.  So we provide simple components like sensors, flexible, connectors, or valves. Also, we provide comprehensive ingredient batching and processing lines.

Lee Process Equipment, Inc. currently represents  Allgaier Process, Spiroflow, Lorenz, Gough Econ, LeCorp.  Further, we represent ARL Products (BFM Connectors), MixSys, Monitor, Custom Advanced Connections, Piab and Rotolok Global. So we proudly represent a variety of best-in-class manufacturers. This allows us to deliver the safest and most efficient process solutions available. And this puts us in the position to provide the answer to every conceivable handling need your company may encounter. So for expert advice from experienced professionals, contact Lee Process Equipment today. Therefore, let us help you solve all of your processing needs today.

Bulk Bagging Equipment