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Dry Mixing and Blending

Lee Process Equipment utilizes a quality line of mixers and blenders from MIXSYS for your dry material mixing needs. 


Ploughshare Mixers are the most efficient mixers available in the world. They consist of a horizontal cylindrical container with multiple plow-shaped shovels. These are mounted on the main shaft—with 15% – 85% filling of the mixer volume. Therefore, they provide multiple batch sizes and increased flexibility in only one machine.

The mixer precisely coordinates the size, number and positioning, geometric shape and peripheral speed of the mixing elements. As a result, this efficiently produces a whirling cross-action, three-dimensional product movement. Therefore, the complete mixing chamber becomes an active zone. Because the entire product is constantly involved in the mixing process it eliminates “dead zones” or low-movement zones inside the mixer. Therefore, this guarantees fast, precise, predictable and homogenous mixing.

Finally, the mixing tools lift the material from the inside wall of the container without smashing the particles against the chamber wall. This reduces product degradation. As a result, it is an ideal mixer for all products and applications. Certainly, it perfectly mixes multiple materials of varying bulk densities.


The MixPaddle features a revolutionary redesigned paddle mixing tool. It profiles superior cleaning of the mixer chamber wall. Also, there is increased efficiency and movement of the product during the mixing cycle. Furthermore, it mixes quicker and provides enhanced mixing characteristics. This produces a higher-end product, with guaranteed results.


MIXSYS offers a complete range of ribbon blenders. These include single and double ribbon.  Furthermore, they have a four screw ribbon for superior mixing. This results in a higher rate of product turnover inside the mixing chamber. When ribbon technology is preferred, MIXSYS has the right solution for the application.



We add the MIXSYS Heat Exchange System to any of the mixers. Generally, a chamber encapsulates the mixer. It allows the flow of heating or cooling liquid. This controls the temperature of the product inside. Also, it raises, lowers or maintains a constant temperature of the product, and is a dryer. This depends upon the process requirements.


MIXSYS Granulators turn pre-mixed powders.  They have special plow shaped shovels with increased surface area and movement. These are ideal for granulating. They combine the addition of liquid into granules with a precise predetermined dimension. The granulators also dry the product during this operation.


MIXSYS Reactors mix chemical physical reactions under vacuum or pressure conditions with either an external heating or cooling jacket.


Stirred Bunkers are required during a longer discharge phase. This maintains homogeneity in the already mixed product. It prevents reduced mixed product quality. Also, the machine mixes batches containing materials with similar physical characteristics.

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