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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Spiroflow provides the widest range of customizable bulk bag unloaders in the industry.  Contact your process expert at Lee Process Equipment for the optimal design and equipment features. Certainly they successfully address your bulk bag unloader needs.


T2 Bulk Bag Unloader for Discharging By Volume

Spiroflow’s Universal T2 Bulk Bag Unloader provides controllable discharge by volume. An integral Spiroflow conveyor easily controls the flow from the bulk bag. Then this  couples directly to the base of the discharger.  Therefore this type of conveyor accurately meters bulk bag contents to a process vessel in an enclosed and controlled manner.


T3 Loss-In-Weight Bulk Bag Unloader

The T3 Loss-in-weight Bulk Bag Unloader allows total control over the product. So you control the amount to dispense from the system.  Even more, this varies for individually selected batch amounts. Also, it fully interfaces with your plant process control for continuous batch production.  Also, the T3 incorporates all the proven features of the Universal T2 model. And it adds  the bag support dish mounted on load cells.  Furthermore, this enables highly accurate weighing of product as it is discharged from the bag.  If necessary, an integral transfer conveyor suspends from the weigh frame. Finally this provides a totally self-contained discharge and loss-in-weight dispensing unit.


T4 Bulk Bag Unloader for Single Trip Bags

Single trip bulk bags are often used in plant environments for low value or hazardous products. These products require a dust-free and controllable emptying method.  Therefore, the T4 Bulk Bag Unloader empty these disposable bags, which have no bottom spout, without waste or spill. Also, it even empties those containing poor flowing products.  Furthermore, we use various discharge aids and transfer conveyors to suit the application.


T5 Bulk Bag Low Loading Unloader

Spiroflow’s T5 Low Loading Bulk Bag Unloader empties bulk bags and bags in process areas where restricted headroom causes problems. Also, it handles bags where only a low lift forklift is available.  First of all, the T5 Bulk Bag Unloader couples directly to a flexible spiral or another suitable conveyor.  Also, it meters ingredients from the bag either volumetrically or by weight.  Ingredients feed directly to mixing or other process equipment. As a result, this provides a fully automatic ingredient unloading, proportioning and transfer system.  Finally, processors with batching operations have several bag frames with one discharge station. Certainly, these allow them to partially empty, re-tie and store bulk bags.


T6 Integral Hoist Bulk Bag Unloader

The T6 Integral Hoist Bulk Bag Unloader is a fully self-contained unloading station. So it is for dust-free and controllable bulk bag emptying.  Also the T6 has an integral “I” beam and hoist which loads bags into the unloader. It directly connects to an enclosed conveyor for direct transfer of product to process machinery.  Bulk bags come to the unloader by pallet truck. Furthermore they store, ready for lifting without the need for forklift assistance.  Finally, full dust control features are incorporated.


T7 Multi-Unloader

The T7 Multi-Unloader is a versatile emptying system. Also, it allows processors to discharge materials from bulk bags, rigid bins, Octabins or bags.  The Multi-Unloader employs a controllable discharger and a sub frame.  A bulk bag or rigid container is placed on the sub-frame that has fork channels. It allows loading onto the unloader.  The unloader has an integral hopper and flexible spiral conveyor. This feeds the contents from the bag either volumetrically or by weight to process or packaging machinery.  Also the discharger has an interlocked access door. Here the operator unties the spout of a bulk bag or unload small bags of product into the conveyor.  This unit is particularly suitable for batching operations that require ingredients from several sources and methods of supply.


T9 Total Containment Bulk Bag Unloader

Spiroflow developed the T9 Total Containment Bulk Bag Unloader for  products in bulk bags that are fine, powdery and invasive. Certainly they provide total containment during unloading when necessary to prevent contamination of the local atmosphere.  Also the T9 is the natural discharging choice when a product is volatile, toxic or explosive.

A sealing device inflates inside the bottom spout of the bulk bag and seals it during the emptying process. This eliminates the risk of dust emissions.  Also it operates in conjunction with an automatic spout stretching device. This promotes a smooth and cylindrical path for material flow directly into a process vessel or integral conveyor.  This patented feature is particularly valuable handling products with poor flow characteristics.

It is important to ensure total discharge of product from the bulk bag when invasive powder is being unloaded. This prevents the escape of material when the emptied bag is removed.  For this reason, the Model T9 has bag massagers at the corners of the bag as well as the base.  A patented pneumatic bag tensioner and an inner liner clamp prevent creases from forming during unloading. This prevents trapped residual material.

We provide height adjustment for bags of different sizes.  Also we provide a lifting frame locator for correct alignment of the discharger with a process vessel or other equipment. This is a concern where the material is being unloaded.  Even more, this feature enhances product containment.  Special design features also permit Cleaning in Place (CIP).


T9 CV Containment Variant Bulk Bag Unloader

The T9 CV Containment Variant Unloader has a bag support dish that accommodates any bottom-spout bulk bag.  The bag spout passes through the middle of the dish where it is accessed.  The bulk bag provides an additional seal against the support dish for dust free operation.  A heavy-duty 3″ square steel tube frame is welded directly to the support dish.

The T9 CV containment enclosure is welded directly to the discharger support dish. It is complete with, two fully opening doors in front with polycarbonate viewing panels. Also it features a 4” diameter dust extraction spigot. Furthermore, this spigot is fitted to the rear of the containment enclosure for connecting to a dust extraction system.

This model has a liner clamp and downspout positioned inside the containment enclosure.  Also the stainless steel moving clamp and fixed position downspout facilitate clamping the bulk bag liner.  A pneumatically operated clamp retracts down to interface with the downspout.

This unloader incorporates a number of design options and provides maximum versatility and ease of use.


T10/11 Bulk Bag Unloader for Dairy & Pharmaceutical Applications

Spiroflow specializes in ‘high containment’ systems. Certainly, they offer a range of bulk bag unloaders specifically for dairy and pharmaceutical applications. Their Pharmaceutical Bulk Bag Unloaders offer total containment of bulk bags during discharge and their subsequent removal.  Also they come complete with a liner spout clamping system that ensures the total containment.  Interlocked, power operated pinch bars clamp the bulk bag neck. This allows the neckties to be released safely.  But, this depends upon the potency of the active ingredient. Releasing the neck ties, cutting open sealed liners, feeding them through the clamp ring and over the discharge spout all takes place within a negative pressure enclosure. Finally, this connects to a HEPA filtration system.  We access the untie chamber either through an access door or through a sealed glove box arrangement.


Flo 60 Bulk Bag Unloader for Poor Flowing Material

The Flo 60 Bulk Bag Unloader, is from Spiroflow’s Control and Metering product line. It  completely empties poor flowing and dusty ingredients from bulk bags. Certainly it provides a very high level of dust containment.

The steeply sloped hopper converts the cubic shape of a bulk bag into a conical/silo shape. It combines with pulsed vibration and is extremely effective in completely emptying any ingredient from a bulk bag.  It is not necessary mechanically manipulate the bag via paddles, arms and other means to achieve ingredient flow.  Lined or unlined bulk bags with outlet spouts, porthole outlets or plain bottoms are emptied.

To create a negative pressure area within its hopper we attach dust collection to the Flo 60’s two dust vents.  The gum rubber (or nitrile) dust membrane seals with the sides of the bulk bag.  Hence the Flo 60 Bulk Bag Unloader provides excellent dust containment. And this is done without having to use an outlet clamping device. 

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