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Dust Control Solutions

Your process solution expert at Lee Process Equipment will select the optimal dust control equipment from trusted suppliers.  Above all, we recommend Lecorp and MixSys to keep your employees safe and your processing environment clean.


First of all, MIXSYS manufactures a complete line of dust collectors suitable for all industries. Also, their line of MixPulse collectors range from high vacuum filter receivers, bin vents (Skyfilter) to nuisance dust and process collectors. Also, MixPulse has innovative features such as quick access to filter elements, integral extraction fans, quick-change filters. Furthermore, they have a complete range of filtration media. Finally, the MixPulse collectors are customized and designed to meet any application requirements.Mixsys Mixers Skyfilter


Most noteworthy, the MIXSYS SKYFILTER features the EXTRACTAFILTER quick-change cartridge filter replacement system. Even more, it is available in 3 sizes.

  • Item 1AL0228A10N0 / 28 m2 / 302 ft2 / 1208 CFM
  •         1AL0228A10N0 / 35 m2 / 377 ft2 / 1508 CFM
  •         1AL0230A10N0 / 48 m2 / 517 ft2 / 2068 CFM


SKYFILTER Advantages:

EXTERNAL PART – External parts exposed to atmospheric agents in AISI 304/Aluminum, for a longer lifetime

VALVES – Impulse valves for cleaning the filtering elements, with pneumatic control. Also, they are made in aluminum casting for a long life

COVER – Wide cover in aluminum alloy, with opening wider than 90° for maximum access to the inside parts of the SKYFILTER

CONTROL BOARD – Electrical board for the control of the Impulse valves. There is a transformation of the electrical signal into a pneumatic signal

SAFETY SCREW – Safety screw on the cover to avoid tampering

GAS CYLINDER – Specific cylinder design to avoid accidental closings of the cover

TANK – Compressed air tank (for jet cleaning) made in aluminum casting for a longer lifetime of the product

PRE-SEPARATING HOPPER – Located directly under the filter and used to convey the air.  Therefore it helps in the first dust separation.

IMPULSE MANIFOLDS – Symmetrical manifolds for the cleaning of the filtering elements. They are made in aluminum casting, for a longer lifetime.

HINGE – Strong construction design

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Similarly, Lecorp offers a complete array of dust control products such as pulsejet dust collectors and cartridge style dust collectors. Furthermore, they also offer replacement bags, cages and timers.

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