Lee Process Equipment transforms bulk material handling process for leading glue manufacturer

About Adhesive Manufacturer LD Davis
LD Davis is one of the world’s oldest and most prominent manufacturers and compounders of animal glues. The third-generation business was founded in 1926 in Bristol, PA, and the company has operated a manufacturing facility in Monroe, NC, since 1982. LD Davis’ animal glue formulas are exceptionally environmentally friendly and are 100% non-toxic, recyclable, and biodegradable. These glues are commonly used in the manufacture of rigid boxes, bookbinding, and laminating. If you have ever purchased a board game, a puzzle, fine jewelry, perfume, or chocolates, you have likely brought home a high-quality rigid box created with LD Davis animal glues. When you see rigid cases of food, juices, or wine at the grocery store, there is a good chance those cardboard cases were manufactured using LD Davis adhesives too.


The LD Davis manufacturing facility needed to replace four existing fountain blenders that were old, worn out, caused unwanted lumps, and no longer met their needs. The original equipment was spread out over two levels making the equipment cumbersome to access and operate. Heat generated from the mixing process often created lumps, resulting in material bridging. The facility needed a higher capacity system that was safer, faster, easier to run, more efficient, and able to process much higher volumes. Mathias Lee, the principal of Lee Process Equipment® (LPE), has a long working
relationship with Plant Manager Patrick Bryant that began well over three years ago. Knowledge and understanding of the application and Lee’s industry expertise were crucial in being selected to design and implement the new bulk material handling system.

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