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Allgaier Process Technology’s equipment system solutions deliver both standardized and tailored systems and equipment. They specialize in industrial drying and cooling, screening, sizing, sorting, washing, and density separation.

Allgaier offers a wide range of modern and high-quality classifier screening and sizing solutions to fit any application.

Their equipment handles the spectrum of material types and characteristics including:

  • Ultrafine powder (particle sizes of less than one millimeter)
  • Small, heavy, and light particles
  • Dry, dusty, wet and sticky materials

Allgaier’s tumbler screening systems meet the most exacting requirements for fine and ultrafine screening applications. Their machines come with several cleaning device options including ball, air, brush, and ultrasound solutions. They also combine these options to keep the screen meshes clear and optimize your screening process.

Allgaier vibration screening machines perform classification, protective and control screening, dust removal and water removal from almost all bulk goods in the fine, medium and coarse ranges.

Material is fractioned down to 0.032 mm with high separation precision up to 99%. Machine sizes range from 600 mm to 2,900 mm with throughputs up to 40 tph. Also, they offer machine configurations from one to five decks resulting in up to six fractions. Furthermore, the Allgaier tumbler screeners are also non-harmful solutions for food or pharmaceutical applications.

Allgaier vibration screening machines are easy to clean and feature screens that can be quickly replaced. Also, they install with stationary or mobile base frames as necessary. Moreover, they offer designs that meet the strictest hygiene standards for the pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as ATEX-compliant versions for use in hazardous locations.

Elcan Industries offers a circular sieve for viscous liquids. For over 25 years it has been the standard model to sieve slurries. The vibrations in all three axies ensure that the mesh is always free of residue and allow the machine to work continuously.

Also, Elcan Industries has a small vibrating sieve for powder screening. High efficiency thanks to the weight/centrifugal force ratio. Side outlet with internal inclined plane to facilitate the outflow of the product. Quick replacement of the sieving mesh, thanks to the practical band fastening system.

In addition, Elcan Industries has a circular sieve with open bottom for sorting powders and fluids. Its special constructional shape guarantees vertical compactness. Especially suitable for sorting micronized products or colourants because it eliminates sieving “tails” or lumps. These are just a few examples of superior products made by Elcan Industries.

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