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The Lorenz story is a genuine entrepreneurial adventure laced with German engineering. First of all, settling in North America in the 1920’s the Lorenz family tree is full of millwrights, blacksmiths, and inventors.

So, with the patented Lorenz Clamp, Lorenz & Son opened for business in 1979 in a home garage. They eventually moved to a 600 square foot facility to start production. Since then, Lorenz Conveying Products has expanded to a 50,000 square foot facility. Furthelmore, it has become a leading manufacturer of all things conveying. So, from slide gates and diverter valves, tube and pipe bends, cyclones and many customized fabricated accessories, Lorenz products have helped businesses flow in a variety of sectors.  These include food and pet food processing, milling, plastics, and packaging. With a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry, the Lorenz team knows intimately the challenges customers face when designing systems. Also, they work tirelessly to provide solutions with the big picture in mind. Even more, a team of close-knit long-time employees ensure that the family culture that began the business remains intact today.

Lorenz Conveying Products was born and led by Peter Lorenz, after Ed and Diane Lorenz, founders of Lorenz and Son Manufacturing retired in the 1990’s. Peter Lorenz is an industry expert and experienced millwright by trade. Above all, Lorenz Conveying Products specializes in manufacturing components and accessories that address each customer’s unique needs.

Family Business

Furthermore, it is this family culture that makes Lorenz stand out. Because customers aren’t “customers” but rather extended members of the Lorenz family. They provide  the counsel, innovation, support and service they need to ensure their businesses flow smoothly.

Finally, Quality, Service, and Flexibility are the trademarks for Lorenz. They specifically offer couplings, diverter valves, slide gates or custom fabricated accessories for bulk handling, vacuum and pneumatic conveying systems. Focused on relationships and solutions, the Lorenz team is dedicated to personalized and high-level customer service. They ensure the success of your application. Lorenz services the plastics, food and chemical industries.



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