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Replacement Screens and Separators | Tubes & Hoses | Flexible Connectors & Transitions

The team at Custom Advanced Connections, Inc. prides themselves on providing high-quality products.  Furthermore, they have screens and separators, at competitive prices. Therefore, their dedication to serving you has allowed them to grow each and every one year they have been in business. Finally, they know none of this would have been possible without the loyalty of their valued customers. So whether you need a replacement screen to fit your Sweco®, Rotex®, or other style separator or the entire unit itself, they can help.

The company also has extensive experience with flexible connector applications.  Therefore, they can find the transition that will work best for you. Hose, rubber tubing, heat vulcanized boots, sewn connector sleeves and corrugated boots are just some of the options that are available. Also, these provide solutions for the various applications that arise in the material handling industry.

Custom Advanced Connections provides high-quality screens and separating products. They manufacture replacement screens to fit OEM products and offer standard-sized hoses, boots, and bellows. They also manufacture custom accessories and replacement screens to fit your specific application requirements.

  • Replacement Screens and Separating Screens to fit Rotex, Sweco, Great Western screens and many more
  • Tubes and Hoses: Tubing, ducting and hand-built hoses made from rubber, polyurethane and other materials
  • Flexible Connectors and Transitions: Custom, durable, industrial grade connectors and transitions for any application



Flexible Connections, Gaskets & Dust Socks