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Liquid Mixing and Blending

Do you need high shear mixers, inline mixing and milling, or powder conveying and induction?  Lee Process Equipment has the industrial mixing equipment you want.  Above all, we will  improve your product quality and bottom line.

Admix Liquid In-tank Batch Mixing

  • In-Tank Batch Mixing | High Shear Mixing | Low Shear Agitation

First of all, Admix offers in-tank sanitary batch mixers for every industry and ingredient. Also, their high shear mixing portfolio offers clean-in-place, 3-A compliant mixers. Furthermore, these include their flagship Rotosolver mixer, as well as the Rotostat emulsifier and BenchMix benchtop lab mixer. Finally, for low shear batch mixing, check out their low-speed agitators.

High Shear Mixing

Also, Admix offers in-tank sanitary high shear dispersers for every industry and ingredient. Most noteworthy, their high-speed mixing portfolio offers CIP, 3-A compliant high shear mixers like their flagship Rotosolver mixer. Also, included are the Rotostat emulsifier and BenchMix benchtop lab mixer.


Low Shear Agitation

Certainly, Admix low shear agitators include the large capacity RotoMAXX II high torque mixer or the portable Rotomixx. Even more, both of these are IP and 3-A compliant.


Inline Mixing & Milling

Admix’s sanitary inline mixers, emulsifiers, and wet mills/homogenizers are perfect for processors who want to run a continuous mixer. Even more, they provide  superior particle size reduction.


Powder Induction

Finally, Admix powder induction systems have been used for decades to effectively process all types of ingredients. Also, they disperse powders into liquids and cut batch times, and improve operator safety and ergonomics. Furthermore, they reduce energy consumption, and eliminate dusting and air entrainment across many industries.


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