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Allgaier was founded in 1906 in the southern German town of Göppingen. First of all, they were successful over the years in producing parts for the automotive industry.  As a result, the company branched out to producing screening machines in the mid-1950s.  Thus, the Process Technology division was born. After several years of expansion and technology acquisitions, Allgaier is now called Allgaier-Group and is headquartered in Uhingen, Germany.

In 2011, Allgaier-Group established an office in West Chester, Ohio. The success of the group led to further expansion.  In addition, they opened their office in Salt Lake City, Utah as the US operations of Allgaier-Group’s Process Technology division.  Above all, the team at Allgaier Process Technology, Inc. is committed to helping their clients achieve success.

The Allgaier Process Technology company division focuses on machinery and engineering for process technology. So, the technology solutions include all products from the Allgaier-Group of companies.  These companies include Allgaier Process Technology GmbHMogensen GmbH & Co. KGFredrik Mogensen AB and Allgaier Mogensen, S.A.U.

Process Equipment And System Solutions

Allgaier Process Technology supplies process equipment and system solutions for industrial drying and cooling systems. They also provide equipment for  screening and sizing, sorting, washing, and density separation.

  • Allgaier Dryer Systems are engineered on the fundamental principles of rotating drum dryers and fluidized bed technology. In many applications, the dried or heated product must also be cooled before further processing. So their combination drying and cooling systems allow for both processes to be accomplished in a single machine. And this results in a smaller equipment footprint in your plant. It also results in less material handling in your production process.
  • Mogensen Classifier Screening and Sizing Solutions handles the spectrum of material types and characteristics.  These include:
    • Ultrafine powder (particle sizes of less than one millimeter)
    • Small, heavy, and light particles
    • Dry, dusty, wet and sticky materials
  • Allgaier’s line of Mogensen Optical Sorting machines are essential tools in reusable material recovery applications with the highest level of separation accuracy.
  • Allgaier Washing Systems deliver significantly higher performance and accuracy of other conventional washing wheels or augers.  Therefore, they are used in various applications, such as:
    • Cleaning minerals and sand
    • Removing foreign particles
    • Handling sludge and contaminated soils
    • Producing high-performance sands
    • Adapting grain size distribution of particle mixtures

Depending on the application, a modular system makes it possible to choose between pumps, motors, tank systems, and hydrocyclones.

  • Allgaier’s Density Separation technology separates two dry materials with different densities. Subsequently, this technology is successfully used in many applications. These include recycling (compost, rubble from demolition work, aluminum, etc.), wood, food and drink, and chemicals.



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